Southeast Denver’s Newest Business Park

Development Process

Building your own location can be both rewarding and satisfactory to have something of your own that you created. Why buy someone else’s building when you can really create your own? Central Development strives to take the complication and confusion out of the build-to-suit development process through three easy steps. We know a decision cannot be made unless you know how much it will cost, how long it will take to complete, and what it will look like.

In order to present this information Central Development will:


Engage an architect to produce a site plan and elevation.


The site plan will be directed to a general contractor for the most up to date pricing.


Meetings with the local municipality will occur to determine timing. Central Development will then produce a detailed proposal for your review and acceptance.


The entire process can generally be accomplished in two to four weeks. Building a new facility can be enjoyable and hassle free with the right approach and team.